Three Cafe Lattes Per Year

It is risky, on the Oregon Coast, to compare the cost of anything to coffee, especially in terms of suggesting the forgoing of said beverage, but we here at Porthole Players are bold. So that is what we are talking about as a minimum donation for membership. Ten bucks a year. Three fancy coffees. One stint of caffeine abstinence every four months. You can do that.

What do you receive in return for your sacrifice? You get to contribute to keeping the arts alive in our community. We also list your name in our show programs and you are covered by insurance when working on a Porthole production. Members also smile more broadly when they see each other around town and generally lead happier lives. We are rumored to have a secret handshake, but we can't discuss that on a public website.

As a non-profit entity, we depend on the contributions and volunteer efforts of members and organizations in our community, so we encourage you to consider donating more than the minimum. To the right are our membership tiers. Membership is by calendar year. Ready to temper your indulgent coffee lifestyle by showing some love to performing arts in our community? Download our membership form today! (Membership PDF)

Membership Tiers

General Membership $10 - $29
Family Membership $30
Waiting in the Wings $35 - $99
Angel (Benefactor) $100 - $499
Big Producer (Patron) $500 - $999
Life Member $1000 or more