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Performance Dates
March 2-18, 2012
Production Team
Director - Stephan
Producer - Vickie Steen
Choreographers - Sara Coxen & Vickie Steen
Music Director - Howard Lackey
Vocal Director - Katrina Theodore
Stage Manager - Cyn Wilkes
Set Design - Stephan
Costume Mistress - Sherre Robbins
Props - Jan Eastman
Robert - Stuart Clausen

Sarah - Linda Capshaw
Harry - Brian Haggerty

Susan - Deana Bower
Peter - Josh Lawrence

Jenny - Sara Coxen
David - Jeff Lichtman

Amy - Chloe Brateng
Paul - Brad Capshaw

Joanne - Vickie Steen
Larry - Lee Ritzman

Marta - Megan Walters
Kathy - Sandee Staufenbiel
April - Jessica Moll

The Vocal Minority - Karin Bigler, Dona Lackey, & Kate Brown

Sondheim collaborated with George Furth (book) and Harold Prince (director) to create Company, the first of the Sondheim/Prince shows that were to lay the foundation for the post-Golden Age Broadway musicals. Company was the first non-linear, "concept," musical.

Set firmly in, and often about, New York, Company follows five married, once married, or soon to be married couples and their mutual friend, Robert, a 35 year old bachelor who has been unable to connect in a long-term relationship. The relationships are presented in a series of vignettes, primarily through Bobby's eyes, so that we see the less than ideal aspects of commitment. However, it is obvious to the audience that the committed are happy. Eventually, Bobby learns that while relationships aren't perfect, they are a necessary part of "Being Alive."

Includes the songs "Getting Married Today," "The Ladies Who Lunch," and "Being Alive."

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