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The Producers

Performance Dates
Nov 16 - Dec 9, 2012
Production Team
Directors - Sara Coxen and Kathy Heater
Producers - Vickie Steen and Lisa Kellenberger
Vocal Directors - Mary Lee Scoville and Jill Baker
Orchestra Director - Howard Lackey
Choreographers - Sara Coxen, Kathy Heater, Teri Jernigan, Vickie Steen, with original choreography by Susan Stroman.
Stage Manager - Barbara Perkins
Assistant Stage Manager - Cynthia Wilkes
Costume Designer - Jo Davey
Set Designer - Mark McConnell
Light Designer - Ron Miller
Sound Designer - Brian Timmie
Sound Technician - Dave Heater
Prop Mistress - Jan Eastman
Max Bialystock - Erik Furuheim
Leo Bloom - Justin Atkins
Ulla - Megan Walters
Franz Liebkind - Stephan
Roger De Bris - Pete Theodore
Carmen Ghia - Josh Lawrence
Bryan - Jordan Ostrum
Kevin - Jeff Lichtman
Scott - Tyler Teich
Shirley Markowitz - Nikki Atkins
Hold Me-Touch Me - Khloe Brateng
Lick Me-Bite Me - Donna Lackey
Kiss Me-Feel Me - Nancy Jane Reid
Stormtrooper - Jim Kuoni
Mr. Marks - Brian Haggerty
Winston - Winston
Ensemble - Karin Bigler, Kate Brown, Linda Capshaw, LeeAnne Chandler, Kenneth Chaney, Thomas Coates, Linda Curtice, Drew Davey, Sara Davey, Roxanne Guenot, Betsy Henderson, Steve Johnson, Willow Kasner, Jessica Moll, Corianne Obgurn, Alex Robbins, Eric Schindler, Sandee Staufenbeil, Vickie Steen, Pam Simpson, Devonee Trivett, Alyssa Urchart
Violin - Mindy Simon, Xavie Tyron, Lea Schrifter
Viola - Nancy Steinberg
Cello - Sue Boston
Flute/Alto Flute/Piccolo/Alto Sax - Jerry Dickson
Saxophone/Clarinet - Richard Dutton
Clarinet - Mark Irmscher
Oboe/Saxophone/Clarinet - Gina Tapp
Bassoon/Flute - Katlyn Beck
Baritone Sax/Bass Clarinet - Tami Atkinson
Trumpet - Tom Holden, Brad Capshaw, Cathy Crews
Trombone - Dave Robertson, Gary Cleasby
French Horn - Linda Gast
Drums - Rick LeDoux
Percussion - Barbara LaPine
Bass - Kevin Kemper
Keyboards - Ramona Martin
The Producers

Washed up producer (Max) and his accountant (Leo) hatch a scheme to make millions by producing the worst show possible, to be a total flop, so they can take the money and run. Max's main investors are old ladies whom he woos and gets them to invest their money, (like 25% of the show to each investor), of which there are many. Max and Leo go searching for the worst script and find author (Franz Liebkind), The worst director and choreographer (Roger De Bris and Camen Ghia), and the most gorgeous show girls, including the lovely Ulla, with elaborate costumes and sets. The show "Springtime For Hitler", which is an offense to everyone, can't help but flop! But it doesn't!

More information about the show is available from:

Music Theatre International

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