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Performance Dates & Times
Janary 31 - February 24, 2008
Call (541) 265-ARTS for tickets
Production Team
Director - Michael Eastman
Producer - Jennifer Haggerty
Dr. Vivian Bearing, Ph.D.- Bonnie Ross
Mr. Bearing - Brian Haggerty
Professor E. M. Ashford - Kathi Loughman
Dr. Harvey Kelekian, M.D. - Dean Major
Dr. Jason Posner, M.D. - Justin Atkins
Susie Monahan, R.N. - Nikki Atkins
Ensemble - Tim Lazerus, Molly Bandonis, Jennifer Haggerty, Alex Robbins


Wit begins with Vivian talking to the audience: she is currently a patient in a major research hospital undergoing treatment for advanced ovarian cancer, and she knows the prognosis is not good. "The Faerie Queene this is not," she advises, alluding to Edmund Spenser's long poem, a tribute to the glory of Queen Elizabeth and her virtues. Prior to her hospitalization, she was Professor Bearing, teacher and scholar, specializing in the Holy Sonnets of John Donne. Vivian takes the audience to various scenes in the past and present that illuminate her achievements in the world of scholarship and show what happens to her as she is treated with aggressive chemotherapy for eight months. What the audience sees is what Vivian herself perceives, and so reality is skewed according to her experience.

More information about the show is available from:

Wit Guide

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