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Paul Rudnick, who wrote Addams Family Values, Sister Act, and The Stepford Wiveshas written one of the funniest plays in years. Jeffrey is about a young gay actor/waiter who loves sex. He says it's one of the great ideas. But Jeffrey is so terrified of catching AIDS that he swears off sex completely. He tells his family and friends that he's done. No more sex! After this pronouncement, he meets the perfect man for him.....who is HIV positive. And hilarity ensues. This hit off-Broadway play became a hit movie and was presented this Summer in Newport to rave reviews!


She Loves Me Not

Our summer 2019 production of She Loves Me Not at the Newport Performing Arts Center, David Ogden Stiers Theater, earned rave reviews by audiences and critics alike. The musical comedy, written and directed by Newport's own Milo Graamans, featured warm and witty dialogue, approachable and honest characters, and the music is filled with catchy melodies, harmonies and some surprises along the way too!

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Man of La Mancha

Based on Cervantes’ The Adventures of Don Quixote, this comic tragedy explores mankind's struggle to better both himself and the world in which he lives. At times both inspiring and thought provoking, the story is both very entertaining and very moving, and will warm the heart of everyone whose spirits were ever raised by the prospect of a victory by the underdog against all the odds. The score is a musical delight, and contains one of the most moving moments in musical theatre as Don Quixote relates his personal credo in "The Impossible Dream".

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